What Does a Full Service Move Include?

You may have planned your move for months or it could be something that came out of the blue. Whichever the case is, it will likely cause you stress and put a strain on your wallet. Fortunately, you can always hire full-service movers. These professionals will handle everything from packing your belongings to arranging them in your new home. But what exactly does a full-service move include? Is it worth it? What happens if you don’t choose this option?

Find the answers to your questions down below.

What are Professional Full-Service Movers? 

They are what their name implies: moving experts who can make your relocation effortless by:

Creating a Plan

Besides physically strenuous, moving can also drain your mind, especially if you have a huge household. Everything from the smallest utensils to the largest furniture will have to be carefully accounted for. At the beginning of the moving process, planning is extremely crucial. But with full-service movers, you can get help coming up with a strategy and immediately circumvent this step.

Planning beforehand is a great strategy when you want things to be done properly.

Providing the Materials and Equipment

DIY moving means running to the store to buy supplies, asking for extra boxes from your office, and spending big on tools required to move particular furniture. Movers will provide all of these for you. Plus, you can trust them to use quality packing materials on your belongings.

Believe it or not, the movers have the materials and equipment for you.

Packing Your Belongings

If this is your first relocation, chances are it’ll take longer for you to pack your possessions. You might not even know how to prep certain items. On the other hand, movers have been doing these things over and over again. They take significantly less time to box things up while guaranteeing that every package is properly secured. On top of that, they also bring their own equipment like dollies, ramps, and straps. You won’t have to fork over cash to buy tools you’d probably only use once or twice in your life.

Furniture Disassembly

Here comes the most will-breaking part of moving. You see, lifting things like chairs, sofas, and small tables can be challenging yet doable even for amateurs. Meanwhile, select furniture like pianos, pool tables, and beds will certainly test your strength and patience. But fret not. This job is a walk in the park for professional movers. Besides being physically fit, they have plenty of experience and are appropriately trained to perform these tasks. They can disassemble furniture to make more space in the truck and reassemble them at your new place. 

Loading Items into the Truck

To someone with no experience, heavy lifting can cause serious injuries. You back will surely be grateful if you leave the labor to your movers. Doing so ensures that precious furniture like pianos won’t accidentally slip off or cause accidents. In addition to that, movers know how to set up your belongings in a way that maximizes space inside the truck. This enables you to fit in more items and avoid damage. 


Unlike a DIY move where you’ll have to drive a cargo-filled truck, movers will take your belongings to their destination. Since they’ve made sure that the items are secured before taking off, you won’t have to worry about anything. Besides, your stuff will most likely be insured anyway. 


Movers will most likely organize a labeling system for your boxes, making the unpacking process a breeze. You can entrust them to take care of piling up your stuff neatly while you focus on other essential aspects. Just make sure you keep an eye or two so they don’t mistakenly place items in the wrong room!

Setup and Cleaning

Some movers go so far as to provide excellent service by helping customers arrange things in their new home. If your movers do this, you’re in luck. Don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions regarding neat home layouts or, if you’ve got a design in mind, help you turn it into a reality. Lastly, moving always ends in a mess. Bubble wraps, crumpled tape, paper, and foam will be all over the place. Full-service movers don’t leave a single speck of garbage behind. After all, they’re hugely committed to achieving your satisfaction.

How Much Do Full-Service Movers Cost?

As much as the convenience they provide you. Honestly, it all depends on the moving company you hire. Keep in mind that rates may vary, but the final cost of a full-service move would always depend on the same factors, such as:

  • How many items you’ll want to move
  • The entire weight of the cargo
  • The size of the truck that you select
  • Distance from point A to point B
  • Whether you provide the packing materials or not
  • Season (summers are the most expensive time to move, winters are the cheapest)
  • Additional tasks that movers perform 

Are Full-Service Movers Worth It?

More than you can think of! DIY moving might sound like an enticing way to save money, but in the end, you’ll realize it’ll suck out your energy, resources, and time. Full-service movers let you sit back and enjoy everything like a boss.