Reasons to Hire Full Service Movers & Packers for an Upcoming Move

Are you facing an upcoming move? Debating between saving money and doing everything yourself or hiring full-service movers?

Professional movers exist to make your transition to a new home or office easier. If you’re not convinced that you need to hire a full-service moving company for your upcoming move, this quick read might change your mind. Here are some reasons you should consider hiring full-service movers for an upcoming move.

To Obtain Peace of Mind

Admit it. You’ve got a mountain of concerns regarding your move. Where do I start? How can I make sure that my belongings arrive safely? What if some of the expensive appliances get damaged? And so on.

Hiring movers quickly eliminates these issues. With plenty of experience, they know their way around the moving process and can make sure that each of your possessions comes home intact. Additionally, when you hire a full-service mover, they do all the packing, which means their insurance covers any loss or damage to your items.


Practice makes perfect. Movers are good at what they do the same way a pianist that plays every day is proficient at reading and playing music. If you plan to relocate independently, there are plenty of aspects that will be new to you. There’s no guarantee that you can pull each off without problems. On the other hand, moving companies with years of experience will do the job exceptionally if not perfectly. Their training allows them to pack your items fast without compromising the integrity of the packing job. For a pro mover, tasks like disconnecting and transporting appliances, taking apart bed frames, or boxing invaluable china are things they do every day.

Movers know exactly what they are doing. They have done the same tasks hundreds of times.


What do you think will happen if you suddenly start carrying heavy stuff? Right. Your back won’t like it, or worse, you could fall down the stairs if you lose your balance. Plus, lifting heavy beds or pianos can be extremely dangerous for amateurs. Your feet could get crushed the moment your grip accidentally slips.

At the same time, safety isn’t only about you. It can also apply to your belongings. Ceramics and glass can break if they’re not boxed up properly. Large furniture can sustain dents when dropped. Appliances may be rendered useless if they rattle during transit due to improper positioning. See, letting movers do the job saves you from future medical bills and/or repairs.


Unless you’re in the relocation business yourself, you’re considered a moving amateur. This means you’ll have to stay in touch with Google from time to time during a DIY move. Searching for how-to guides and tips & tricks takes time. That’s why moving on your own can take months to plan and days to execute.

However, movers significantly trim the time frame for the entire process. First of all, a single look or two at your home and they can come up with a pre-move plan the next day. Couple this with their expertise, rigorous training, and efficient methods, and you’ll be sitting in your new living room before you know it.


Yep, you’ve read it right. You can save more by hiring movers than by DIY moving. At first glance, there’s no doubt that moving by yourself is cheaper since you’ll be doing most of the labor. But if you look at the scenario from a broader perspective, it’s no different than hiring a moving company. How?

  • You’ll spend money on gas to gather packing supplies and materials. Considering everything you have to purchase – boxes, bubble wrap, tape, packing paper, and more – the cost for moving supplies can quickly add up.
  • DIY moves take longer to complete, causing you to miss more days from work.
  • You still have to account for renting and fueling a moving vehicle. 
  • If you own unique items like art collections or pianos, you’ll have to buy special packing materials and equipment to transport these things safely.

Full-service movers include everything from supplying the materials to providing the necessary tools to finish the move. They can help you save time and energy while investing your resources in other important aspects of the move.

Special Services

As you’ve read earlier, movers are capable of doing specialized services. Need to move a pool table? They got it. Do you own a precious wine collection? Leave it to them. In a rush to relocate? Last-minute moves are a piece of cake for experienced professionals. For an added price, you can trust them to do tasks that would normally be impossible for you to pull off.

Full-service movers can handle any moving needs – even last-minute moves.

So, How to Hire the Best Moving Company?

Although there’s an abundance of full service moving companies out there, only a select few can be truly considered exceptional. Whether it’s about customer service, pricing, or added benefits, some movers do it better than others. 

Adequate research holds the secret to working with the best movers in the industry. Check the reviews. Look at their online presence. Ask for referrals. It might seem like a lot of work but remember that all of these are meant to provide you the smoothest moving experience. In the end, you’ll be happy you’re working with a reputable, reliable full-service mover.