Common Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Cross Country

People say experience is the best teacher. Some even say you can’t enjoy success without enduring failure first. While this might be true, it’s not a notion you want to take to heart when moving.

Mistakes when relocating can be costly, especially when traveling long distances. If it happens, you might have to pay extra on repairs, medical bills, or the general logistics costs (hiring movers, renting a truck, etc.). The point is, you can’t afford to mess up. 

Knowing this, here are the top common mistakes to avoid when moving across the country.

1. Relocating Without a Plan

A move is a small word that comes with huge responsibilities. Many people underestimate the logistics involved only to be overwhelmed by the requirements later on. Avoid this at all costs. No matter how demanding or bothersome preparing a plan may seem, don’t skip this step. It will be worth it in the end.

Planning your move includes preparing a budget, accounting for possible challenges, and creating an achievable timeline for your relocation. Some people like to write down their objectives in a notebook, while others prefer to create checklists on their phones. It doesn’t matter what tracking method you choose as long as you have a concrete plan. Stick with it.

2. Trying to Do Everything Yourself

You might be thinking, ‘Duh, this is going to be another recommendation to hire movers.’ That’s right, and no one blames you for being skeptical. Many people go the DIY route to save money by taking matters into their own hands. Although there’s nothing wrong with it, things can quickly spiral out of control during a move.

Expect challenges that can hold you back, causing you considerable losses through delays and damages. It takes expertise and patience to lift large furniture and sensitive appliances or to pack sentimental items properly. Your lack of experience might even cause accidents, and the trip to the hospital won’t be a cheap one.

As they say, ‘No man is an island.’ Although it’s tempting to save as much as you can, a cross-country move is extensive. It’s best to let professionals handle the job since they’ve got the experience and necessary resources. Quick note: Make sure you work with an affordable cross country moving company to maximize your budget. Try to get quotes from multiple movers so you can find a deal.

Although there is nothing wrong with DIY, it takes much longer than hiring professionals.

3. Neglecting to Do Your Research

If you’ve decided on a DIY move, good luck! If you’ve realized that movers will improve your overall experience, good choice! However, here comes the point where another possible mistake looms around the corner. Rogue movers and moving scams have always infested the moving industry. While they can’t be eradicated entirely, you could always avoid them. All it takes is to simply do your research. Ask your potential movers for their USDOT number, check their online reviews, evaluate their website, and reach out to the Better Business Bureau to see if they have any complaints.

4. Not Downsizing Enough

One typical mistake among first-time movers is relocating almost everything they own. Either they don’t want to give up sentimental items or hang onto things they think they might need in a new space. But do you know what’s even more uneconomical? Paying more for extra baggage. See, movers charge by the weight of the cargo and the volume of belongings they relocate. That said, there can end up being little difference between paying to move an item over purchasing a brand new one. So don’t shy away from purging your household inventory. Sell things you barely use online, give them to neighbors, or donate them to charity—your call.

5. Purchasing Boxes and Not Labeling Them

Did you know? Moving boxes is one of the biggest cost categories in which you can save during a move. However, most people ruin this opportunity by buying boxes from Amazon or eBay. Please don’t do that. You can easily get your hands on free moving boxes by asking neighbors and friends or speaking when the manager at your local liquor or grocery store. 

It’s also worth noting that labeling boxes is definitely worth your time. Brush off the thoughts suggesting that it’ll be time-consuming and bothersome. Labeled boxes help a lot to speed up your post-move process. Doing so lets you unpack immediately so you can focus on more important aspects of settling down.

Okay, so you’ve got boxes. But what good is it when you don’t know what’s in it!

6. Choosing Not to Get Insurance When You Need It

If you don’t know yet, interstate moving companies are obliged to provide basic coverage on all your belongings. Unfortunately, this insurance only covers about $0.60 per pound of item moved. Suppose your movers lose or break your $1000 TV that weighs about 100 lbs.; they’ll only pay you $60 for it under typical moving insurance coverage. Not cool, right? That’s why you should seriously consider paying extra for full-value protection if you own several expensive things. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it will also motivate your movers to focus and try their best to move everything safely.

And that’s about it! Now that you know what mistakes to avoid, there should be no reason for your move to fail.